What I do

I have been working in a wide variety of graphic design fields since 2002. After working as an award-winning newspaper design director for nearly 10 years in Colorado, I moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. I have worked for magazines, production companies, and most recently for social media celebrities. I’ve designed media kits, one sheets, pitch decks and websites for social media influencers with 100K+ followers.

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Pitch Decks

I work with content creators to pitch reality TV shows, creative projects, pilots, extreme sports promos, etc…


These can be used for brand sponsorship for artists, stunt performers, trickers, dancers, actors and more.

Media Kits

I design media kits for content creators and influencers with more than 100K followers to promote their brand

Event Flyers

I have worked with extreme sports athletes, influencers with 3M+ followers, stunt performers, professional dancer,  and actors, to promote events all over the LA area.


My specialty in this area is creating quick, inexpensive, visually appealing websites for artists looking to promote themselves or businesses looking for a site or a redesign.

Print Design

Newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletters, branding marketing materials, business cards, logos,

My Skills

I love helping social media content creators, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else looking to promote their work!

I have been working with social media content creators with 100K+ followers in the areas of extreme sports, stunts, adventure travel, lifestyle, entertainment and much more for over 7 years.

Having a background in writing, entertainment, graphic design and marketing makes it so I can help in a diverse number of fields and with a wide variety of projects.

I would love to work with you!

  • Media Kits
  • One sheets
  • Pitch Decks
  • Websites

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